Welcome to MHill Photography

Hello and welcome.
I’m Michael and I live in Malton with my wife, our 3 year old son and our cat called Hollywood. I am fairly new to photography but constantly learning and developing my skills through experimentation. My main areas are events (running, cycling etc), transport and capturing nature in it’s full glory and beauty. I am currently progressing through a Professional Diploma in Photography which I hope to complete in 2020. I have also signed up for the diploma in Wedding Photography as I hope to expand to this form of photography in the future.
I am currently a volunteer Photographer for Dalby Forest capturing the true beauty of the forest as well as sporting events such as Parkrun, the Duathlon and the new Canicross. I can also capture some child/family portraits as well as your pets.
My aim of my blog is to showcase my work, the services I will start offering as well as using guides and tutorials to help amateur photographers who are wanting to try some new techniques. I appreciate there isn’t much content on here but the site is still under construction and I will start adding to it over time.
If you want me to capture your special moments or events, please do not hesitate to contact me.